How You Can Help!

  1. Send other people — lots of people — my home page's URL. Spread the word! Keep checking back, too; it will continue to grow.

  2. On a more personal note: are you involved in a pulpit committee, a seminary or Bible college, a radio station, a publishing company (books or magazines), some organization such as Focus on the Family or Family Research Council — or any of a thousand similar organizations? Do you know someone who is? Then think of me!
I have extensive pastoral training and experience

I have extensive teaching training, ability, and experience, from homeschooling to graduate school level

I have extensive writing experience (and manuscripts on tap or in the works!)

I have extensive public speaking experience, from preaching to seminars

I have experience as a radio talk show host, and…

I am gripped with an overwhelming desire to use the gifts and talents God has given me, in His service, to do what so desperately needs to be done in our day:

to proclaim the Word of God faithfully
to trumpet limitless wisdom of God's Word
to herald the dynamic relevance of God's Word to every area of life
to call the church of Christ back to its God given task (to make learners, pupils, students of Christ, of all nations; Matthew 28:18-20), and its God-given boon (a complete, fully-sufficient inscripturated revelation)

Can you help me find such a launching-pad? If so, make your connection, then drop me a line!

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