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Biblical Studies

Biblical Studies Foundation. A gateway to a wealth of online Biblical resources, both in terms of what the site itself offers, and of its links. You will be amazed.

Creationism & the Early Church Home Page. Put together by Robert Bradshaw, a British theology student. The page is visually impressive, and both contains and links to much helpful and stimulating material.


The Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals. Formerly CURE (Christians United for Reformation}, Michael Horton, James M. Boice and others head this organization. Features writings, links.

Christian Research Institute. At present, there are a few articles, but mostly the site is little more than a catalog. If that is what you want, then by all means, go for it!

Lambert Dolphin's Resource Files. Contains a great deal of apologetic material and references, including scientific and archaeological matters.

STAND TO REASON. Greg Koukl is the lead man for this organization. Though a Charismatic, Koukl is very sharp and incisive; always worth reading. This site features a number of articles, letters, commentaries, thought-pieces.

Answers in Action. Bob and Gretchen Passantino's ministry dealing with cults and aberrant doctrines.

ChristianAnswers.Net. A sort of launch-page for a number of ministries, including Answers in Genesis and Creation Science Foundation. They also have a section of Christian film reviews. Christians can find resources here, and unbelievers can have their questions answered Biblically.

CAPO. The Center for the Advancement of Paleo Orthodoxy; a reformed site generating studies and essays.

Resource Launchpads

Monergism. A really wonderful collection of articles and essays from the Reformed perspective, classic and new. A rich resource, and apparently under ongoing amplification.


Council on Biblical Manhood. A group of evangelicals who accept the Biblical witness concerning the distinctive roles of men and women. They term their position "complementarian."

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